Friday, January 1, 2010

Midnight Laughter

Day 1 - January 1, 2010

Today's creation is called "
Midnight Laughter

Supplies used:

Slice Cordless Design Cutter

"Basics 1" SD Design Card

6 x 6 Slice Cutting Mat

3 Sheets of card stock (Dark gray, navy blue, and purple)

Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive


The paper inspires the name; the name inspires the project!

Select three 5 x 5 sheets of card stock of card stock - our selection, dark gray, navy blue, and purple. Place the dark gray piece of card stock on the Slice cutting mat. Turn on the Slice Cordless Design Cutter. From the menu select basic shapes 1. Using the arrow key, move the cursor to "Fun enjoy" and press select. From the images listed, select "laugh". The next screen shows the word "laugh" and in the lower area of the display the size is shown. Use the right arrow to select the 3 1/2" size. Place the Slice on top of the card stock and press the start key while holding the Slice firmly in place.

Once the Slice is finished cutting the design, the display will show a message stating it has finished. Remove the Slice and remove "laugh" from the cutting mat.

Place the dark blue sheet of paper on the cutting mat. On the Slice go to menu, and select the "tag" icon. Select the last image icon, the "frame". You next select a size of 4" and place the Slice on the paper which is on the cutting mat. Cut out the frame. Once done, remove the Slice, and remove the frame from the cutting mat.

Take the "laugh" cutout and using adhesive place one drip on the back of the L and one drop on the back of the H. Place this across the bottom of the frame. Next - on the back of the frame - place adhesive on the two sides and the bottom of the frame. Do not put glue on the top because this is the opening to insert a photo. Glue the frame onto the third square of card stock. Using the square cut out from the cutting of the frame, cut a photo a little bit larger than this. Slide the photo into the top of the opening of the frame.

See photos to follow the step-by-step creative process.

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