Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 30 - January 30, 2010

Name Magnet

Supplies used:

Cricut® Expression Personal Electronic Cutter
Platin Schoolbook ® Cartridge
Cricut® Cuttables White Magnet Material
12” x 12” cutting mat
Cricut® Deep Cut Housing and Blade
Cricut® Design Studio Software


Use the Cricut® Design Studio Software and the Platin Schoolbook Cartridge to write “STEFFIE” in capital letters and weld these letters together. Install the Cricut® Deep Cut Housing and Blade in the Cricut®. Take a sheet of Cricut ® Cuttables White Magnet Material, place it on to the cutting mat, and load the mat into the Cricut®. Set the following settings on the Cricut®: Speed 3, Pressure 5, Blade Depth 6, and Multi-cut 4. Cut out STEFFIE. Remove from the sheet of magnet material.

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