Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6 - January 6, 2010

* Fuse or Re-fuse *

Fused soap holders

Supplies used:

Paragon Quikfire ® Kiln
Glass jewels
Kiln shelf wash
Haik brush
Safety glasses


This project requires an adult. While kids and teens can assemble the project, an adult must operate the kiln as it can reach temperatures of 2000°F. The manufacturer’s instructions for the kiln are to be followed.

The project itself is simple – take a selection of glass jewels in any colour you would like. Wash and completely dry them. Take the kiln shelf, mix shelfwash, apply and let dry. Set up the kiln; this particular kiln has a removable lid. Take the kiln shelf and place it on the kiln base, take your glass jewels and lay them out in your desired design. Place the lid of the kiln on the base. From this point on refer to and follow the manufacturer’s directions for use of the kiln.

The kiln will melt and fuse the glass jewels together and create a lovely decorative soap holder.

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