Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 – January 7, 2010

“Life is a Beach” etched glass picture frames

Cricut® Expression Personal Electronic Cutter
Life is a Beach Cricut® Cartridge
Glass Etch Solution

The first frame is a table top 4x6” frame consisting of two panes of glass. The first piece of glass to be etched is the back section of the two panes. Using the Cricut and 4x6” vinyl in landscape orientation, font size of ½ inch, cut six rows of the following text: “Life is a Beach Life is a Beach Life is a Beach”. Line Return. On this line, indent two inches and cut the following text: “Life is a Beach” across the width of vinyl. Line Return. Again indent two inches and cut the following text: “Life is a Beach Enjoy”. For the forward facing pane of glass we are going to cut one 2” sailboat out of vinyl and then using the “flip” cut the same image. Apply the 4x6” vinyl to the front of the back pane. Apply one sailboat stencil to the lower left corner of the forward facing pane of glass, flip the glass over and apply the second stencil exact over the first stencil. Using glass etching solution apply as per label instructions over each prepared surface. Wait ten minutes and wash away the solution. Clean both panes of glass with glass cleaner. When you put the frame together, the front glass with the sailboat will float over the photo with the rear pane of glass containing the words that surround the photo.

The second frame is a stand alone one piece glass block frame. This frame does not come apart so it will be etched on the very back of the block frame. Because it is the back, the technique for preparing the vinyl will be different. Everything will be written using flip and to read from right to left – “MIRROR Writing”. Cut a 4x6” piece of vinyl, put on the Cricut mat and load it into the Cricut. Cut the following using the fonts from the Life is a Beach cartridge alternating the size of the font between ½” and ¾” in size:

dnaS nuS sllehseaS
spolF pilF sesrohaeS
selahW hsifratS evaW
nuF dna frus dnas REMMUS
sbarC timreH nuS
HCAEB A SI EFIL rebmemer

Place the vinyl on to the back of the frame and apply the glass etching solution. Wait ten minutes and wash away the solution. Clean the glass with glass cleaner.

Looking through the frame from the front the text should read:

Seashells Sun Sand
Seahorses Flip Flops
Wave Starfish Whales
SUMMER sand surf and fun
Sun Hermit Crabs
remember LIFE IS A BEACH

When a photo is inserted between the glass sections the text will be behind the photo.


  1. Great idea. I love all the beach words. Keep going. You are on a roll!

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